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Solution Provider

Par-Tec S.p.A. is a software & infrastructure system integrator with over 20 years of providing highly qualified professional services and cross-market, innovative custom solutions.
With about 200 employees and a turnover of € 18M, our two business units based in Rome and Milan cover all the areas of expertise: Technology Solutions, Financial Services Solutions, Analytics, Industry 4.0, Security and Educational.

The experts of our Roman B.U. provide services and innovative infrastructure solutions, such as virtualization platforms for a more flexible and cost efficient IT structure; we design light and easy to use security systems and compliance solutions, as well as help you keep your IT services always up and running with our monitoring and reporting products. Open source is in fact a common denominator for all our services and solutions and the team is actively committed to the community, both as a contributor and as a maintainer of several projects.

Our B.U. located in Milan, specializes in designing custom solutions for the financial market (risk management, market abuse detection, MiFID, financial trading front-end, aggregate financial information, home banking), as well as cross-market knowledge management and business intelligence solutions based on AddToBuild, our own Advanced & Predictive Analytics platform.


Primary Location

Via Panfilo Castaldi 11
Milano, Lombardia IT 20124
+39 02-667321

Information Technology

Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, I.T. Automation + Management

Other Locations

Sede di Roma
Via Cristoforo Colombo 163
Roma, Lazio IT 00147