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Open Source specialist, Camptocamp is an innovative company in the automation of server management (Puppet) as well as in software implementation of geographic information systems (GIS) and business management (ERP). To implement your most ambitious projects, Camptocamp builds customized solutions based on the best Open Source technologies. With its extensive experience in the management of Linux systems, Camptocamp provides the expertise to build a robust environment for all your applications. To meet the specific needs of the most demanding customers, the Infrastructure Solutions division specializes in the following fields: dematerialization of IT infrastructures (virtualization and Cloud Computing), automated management of system administration tasks (Puppet), and deployment of complex Web architectures. Camptocamp also provides Puppet training in Europe. Mastering these technologies, Camptocamp therefore guarantees the implementation of processes related to the preventive maintenance and the high availability of your applications.


Primary Location

EPFL Innovation Park, Bât A
Lausanne, VD CH 1015
+41 21 619 10 10

Information Technology
Tech Online

Data Center Infrastructure

Platform Migration
PaaS Development
PaaS Administration
I.T. Optimization
Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
I.T. Automation + Management

Other Locations

Leberngasse 21
Olten, SO CH 4600