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VSHN (pronounced ˈvɪʒn like “vision”) is Switzerlands leading DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift and 24/7 cloud operations partner. Since 2014 we support >200 partners operating >800 servers in the cloud and on-premises with >32000 combined monitored services. In addition to close collaboration and consulting we also take on the responsibility for the stability of our services including 24/7 support. We believe in openness and sharing of know how, experience and code (open source). We are convinced that this form of transparency and the certification of our processes (ISO27001) increases the security and confidentiality of customer data. As a self-funded and management-owned company we are exclusively obligated to our clients. We think proactively and proud ourselves on long-term visions. Our employees – VSHNeers – are based in Zürich, Switzerland, and are experts in development and operations. Our product - OpenShift as a Managed Service in Switzerland and in 16 countries world wide.


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Neugasse 10
Zürich, CH 8005

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